Get Your Boots On – The Best Trekking Poles Out There

trekking pole reviews

trekking pole reviews

It seems like only yesterday that trekking poles were only for those who wanted to show off their buying power or those who really shouldn’t be on the trail at all. However this anti-yuppie, the ageist attitude has changed – who knew that those days glow kitted out, or more mature hikers could have been onto something?

But it appears that they were right all along – trekking poles are not just something nice to have – they’re a great accessory for those long days slogging through streams and over rough ground.

But still some people believe that they’re just too expensive and a bit of a luxury. Well here are some choices that are great value for money and will last you for decades.

Happy trails.

#1 The Leki Wanderfreund Antishock.

Great looking, minimalist stick for those who want a reliable trek pole that will deliver time after time. It’s extremely lightweight (in fact too lightweight for some) and allows for easy placement even on the roughest terrain. If you want a trekking pole reviews that thuds down and makes you think that you could use it to traverse a gap in the landscape this make not be for you. But it’s exceptional quality for a lightweight stick.

#2 The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork.

So many great user reviews. At around $200 it’s at the top end of the range, but it’s solid and easily portable. Easy to tuck into even a day pack and as tough as nails. The cork grips are rapidly becoming favorites with hikers. Many people prefer to use these in tandem – but even as a single stick this is a piece of equipment that’ll last for years and like a Timex ‘Keep on Ticking’.

#3 The Black Diamond Ultra Distance.

Black Diamond keeps coming up again and again as the ‘go to’ trekking stick for both novice and experienced hikers. This model is incredibly light and folds up for easy storage – when you need it it’s there, and it adds almost nothing to the weight of even the lightest of packs. For trail runners, a pair of these can mean the difference between a personal best or a broken ankle. The lightweight construction is perfect for those who want to set the pace. The carbon fiber construction means light weight and ultra strong durability.

#4 The Leki Thermolite Aergon XL Antishock.

The Leki lifetime warranty has made a lot of friends in the hiking fraternity and these antishock models are impressing people. The locking system is ultra robust, and the short travel anti-shock system has made many converts who would not have even considered this sort of stick before. The grip and wrist straps are incredibly comfortable, and many hikers have gone over to the Leki side of the Force just because of the sheer comfort of using these trekking poles. Great value for money even at an average price of around $120 to $150 (don’t pay any more than this – look for a direct sale Internet bargain).

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