Why You Should Stock Up On Camping Chairs

spin_prod_909663112Camping chairs can be an excellent thing to own. These chairs are extremely portable and can be very comfortable. When you own chairs like this, you won’t just use them on your camping trips; you’ll be able to use and enjoy them all the time.

If you don’t own any of the chairs, now’s the perfect time to start stocking up. Here are a few reasons to pick up camping chairs.

They Don’t Take Up Much Room

Because camping chairs can easily be folded up, they won’t take up much space. You can buy the chairs you’re interested them and store them until you’re ready to use them.

Don’t worry about where you’re going to put your new camping chairs. You’ll be able to store them anywhere.

They’re Not Expensive

Buying furniture can be very costly, especially if you want to get high-quality pieces. With that said, you’re not going to have to spend a lot to pick up camping chairs. These chairs aren’t expensive at all. If you buy at the right time, you can get multiple chairs at a heavily discounted rate.the-joey-ultralight-camping-chair-by-travel-chair-10

They’re Very Versatile

As mentioned earlier, people use camping chairs for all kinds of things. While people obviously take them on camping trips, people also use them as seating when they are attending outdoor events. Some people even use them as patio furniture.

If you pick up a few of these chairs, you’ll be making a smart investment. You’ll be able to use these chairs in all kinds of ways.

If you don’t own camping chairs, you should start stocking up on them as soon as you can. These chairs offer so much value for the price. Once you own a few of these chairs, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


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Dry Bags: How To Save The Day

Dry Bags: How To Save The Day

As you consider going out and about and spending time in the great outdoors, there is no doubt that you have thought about the weather. And when it comes to the weather, there are many things to keep in mind, such as the temperature and any precipitation. The good news is, if you choose to spend any time outside, but want to make sure your items stay nice and dry, you can use dry bags. Continue reading to learn more about this idea and how you can find the best dry bags for your needs.

If you would like to make sure your items stay nice and dry when you are planning to spend time outside, you can find a dry bag or two that will help you out. Before you purchase the bag, however, you want to find out what size or sizes you need. This will depend on the items you plan to store in the bags and how big they are.

Next, you should consider the quality of the dry bags you purchase. Since you will want to make sure your items stay nice and dry, using high-quality dry bags is a good idea. You can do your research online or at local outdoor stores to help you find the best choices for your needs.

As you can see, when you choose to spend your time outside but want to make sure it stays safe from the elements, you can do that with a dry bag or two. To help you find the best bags for your needs, use the tips that have been shared here. Rain or shine, knowing that your items are protected from the weather will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your times outside.

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Where To Find Trekking Pole Reviews

Are you in search for the best trekking poles? The sheer number of choices on the market can make it extremely confusing to decide, particularly if this is going to be your first purchase. You can get recommendations from your peers, but this isn’t a possibility if you don’t have a lot of friends who hike. This is why in most cases, your best option is to read reviews online. However, you must make sure that you’re reading reviews from legitimate sources. In this resource, you’ll learn the best places to find trekking pole reviews.

Of course, the best way to begin your shopping is through an online search. Head over to your favorite search engine and look for reviews about trekking poles. If you already have a specific model in mind, then make sure to include the name of the model in your search query. This can significantly speed up the process of looking for genuine reviews about the exact product you want.

There are plenty of websites through which you can find trekking pole reviews. However, it’s best if you avoid reviews that come straight from the manufacturer’s website. In most cases, these websites have a dedicated page in which they publish testimonials from their users. But there’s no way to guarantee that these come from real people. For all you know, they’re all made up to compel prospective customers to buy their product.

It’s a much better option to find reviews from real hikers and backpackers. For this reason, personal blogs are usually your best bet. There are plenty of hikers who maintain their personal blogs, and you might be lucky enough to find reviews of trekking poles you consider buying. What’s great about this approach is that you can rest assured that the blogger truly knows what he or she is talking about. You can expect him or her to thoroughly explain the key features of the trekking poles, enabling you to come up with a more informed decision.

You also have the option of looking for online videos in which hikers put the poles in action. These are pretty hard to come by, but more and more hikers are recording their outdoor adventures. You can try visiting an online streaming website and type in the model of the trekking pole you plan on buying. Watching videos is an excellent way to get an idea about the different features of the pole such as how long it can be extended and whether the shock absorption system works optimally.

By following these tips, you should have no problems locating the best trekking pole reviews online. This process entails quite a bit of time investment, but it proves well worth it once you find a trekking pole that matches both your needs and budget. Just keep in mind that not all reviews published online are created equal. Watch out for fake reviews and ensure that you’re relying on the legitimate source. Through this, you can feel more confident when it comes time to make the purchase.

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What To Look For In Trekking Pole Reviews

If you are fond of trekking, hiking and camping, then you shouldn’t rely on a stick you find in the wilderness to serve as your guide for the entire trip. It’s much better to invest in high-quality trekking poles. Many people still think that these are just a gimmick by companies, trying to convince hikers and backpackers that they need them. However, it’s worthy to note that many studies have found these poles to be extremely useful. In this article, you’ll learn what things to look for in trekking pole reviews to help you find a pair that matches your needs.

The first thing you have to understand is that trekking poles are not the same as a hiking staff. Trekking poles are sold in pairs, meaning you will have a pole in each hand. A hiking staff, on the other hand, is just a single stick. As you might imagine, trekking poles offer much greater flexibility. They work extremely well in all kinds of terrains. What’s more, the fact that you can hold one pole in each hand provides all the stability you need for the entire duration of your hike, regardless of the terrain you’re dealing with. climb

You might be tempted to go for the most expensive trekking poles or those that come from the most popular brand. However, it’s better to dig deeper into the specifics. While you can find countless reviews of trekking poles online, they might prove worthless if you don’t know exactly what to look for. When reading these reviews, bear in mind that not all of them are created equal. There are fake reviews out there, so you have to pay careful attention to the source of these reviews and make sure they’re legitimate.

When in search of trekking poles, you have to look beyond price and examine their specifications. For one, the material from which the poles are made is an important consideration. It’s recommended to go for poles made from lightweight materials such as titanium and aluminum. Some of the best pairs on the market weigh less than a pound. When you carry these in your hands, it’s as if you’re not holding anything at all. You’ll surely be amazed at how strong and durable these poles can be despite being extremely lightweight.

Other features you need to check are the presence of shock absorbers, the quality of the grips and whether the length can be adjusted. Shock absorbers take a tremendous amount of pressure off your lower limbs. The grips should be made from high-quality rubber to prevent slippage especially when it rains or crossing a stream. Adjustable trekking poles are also recommended so you can use them on different kinds of terrains.

These are just some of the most important things to look for in trekking pole reviews. You don’t want the reviews to be filled with hype. It’s much better if the reviewer talks about the key features of the trekking poles and explains their benefits. By taking the time to read genuine reviews, you can certainly find the best pair that suits your needs and budget.

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Hiking is the best workout!

Hiking is the best workout!… You can hike for three hours and not even realize you’re working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself.

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Get Your Boots On – The Best Trekking Poles Out There

trekking pole reviews

trekking pole reviews

It seems like only yesterday that trekking poles were only for those who wanted to show off their buying power or those who really shouldn’t be on the trail at all. However this anti-yuppie, the ageist attitude has changed – who knew that those days glow kitted out, or more mature hikers could have been onto something?

But it appears that they were right all along – trekking poles are not just something nice to have – they’re a great accessory for those long days slogging through streams and over rough ground.

But still some people believe that they’re just too expensive and a bit of a luxury. Well here are some choices that are great value for money and will last you for decades.

Happy trails.

#1 The Leki Wanderfreund Antishock.

Great looking, minimalist stick for those who want a reliable trek pole that will deliver time after time. It’s extremely lightweight (in fact too lightweight for some) and allows for easy placement even on the roughest terrain. If you want a trekking pole reviews that thuds down and makes you think that you could use it to traverse a gap in the landscape this make not be for you. But it’s exceptional quality for a lightweight stick.

#2 The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork.

So many great user reviews. At around $200 it’s at the top end of the range, but it’s solid and easily portable. Easy to tuck into even a day pack and as tough as nails. The cork grips are rapidly becoming favorites with hikers. Many people prefer to use these in tandem – but even as a single stick this is a piece of equipment that’ll last for years and like a Timex ‘Keep on Ticking’.

#3 The Black Diamond Ultra Distance.

Black Diamond keeps coming up again and again as the ‘go to’ trekking stick for both novice and experienced hikers. This model is incredibly light and folds up for easy storage – when you need it it’s there, and it adds almost nothing to the weight of even the lightest of packs. For trail runners, a pair of these can mean the difference between a personal best or a broken ankle. The lightweight construction is perfect for those who want to set the pace. The carbon fiber construction means light weight and ultra strong durability.

#4 The Leki Thermolite Aergon XL Antishock.

The Leki lifetime warranty has made a lot of friends in the hiking fraternity and these antishock models are impressing people. The locking system is ultra robust, and the short travel anti-shock system has made many converts who would not have even considered this sort of stick before. The grip and wrist straps are incredibly comfortable, and many hikers have gone over to the Leki side of the Force just because of the sheer comfort of using these trekking poles. Great value for money even at an average price of around $120 to $150 (don’t pay any more than this – look for a direct sale Internet bargain).

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